February 13, 2010

AVmatch.com is a dating and socializing service for avatars all over the world.
It works like any usual internet dating and socializing websites. They have over 8500 members from over 50 different countries. So if you want to find someone speaking your own language it’s just to search for one!
I wish SL would have a similiar service in-world also. Like “search people” and one could choose if one wanna fill in RL info and be in that search or not.

You easily create an account, get a link to verify from and then you need to visit them in-world to verify your SL avatar. It’s really easy to sign up and after that it’s just to explore the website.
I like the website but what I don’t like is that one needs to pay a tiny amount of like 30 cents for some “tokens” or something, which makes it possible for you to contact other members. Still, this is something like 1st Life dating services often use, hence many scammers and unserious persons only wants “free”.

I think the website is funny though! The first time I saw an ad about it I thought “bloody hell! Do we need THAT also?! Isn’t Second Life enough, now we need our avatars to go dating on online websites!” Then I realize that it’s the same as we do in SL, and if you find someone on, for instance, AVmatch.com – well, the couple might as well develope their relation into 1st Life if they so please.

We’ll see if this will give me any new SL friends! It’d be fun. 🙂


Skin drawing failure

February 12, 2010

Oh, yes.

Certain days, days like these, should not be used to draw skins, no, no. It feels as if everything’s against me, LOL. It seems to work out OK, but it takes twice or even thrice as long….

Wait? Did I just say it seems to work out “OK”? Forget that! It just doesn’t! 😦

DK – Deviant Kitten?

February 8, 2010

Ow, my.. I just found out .. Hm, that I don’t know what the darn *sorry* store is called. Is it Deviant Kitten/Kittens? At least I found this DK hair for free in their store tonight. The piercings are from another shopping time but they have them free now!! (From the main entrance – just walk straight, straight, straight. To the right of the “Sales”)

And you know what? They are selling out their old hairs for only 20 L! And the fatpacks of the hairs are marked down to 200L and that’s a lot of nice hair colors!
Sadly I had all, except one, hair from before. I used to be addicted to every new item and had to buy it! Aww, I miss their pole-in-the-arse-lucky-chairs.. 😦 😉

The “sales” of the 20 L hair you can find if you walk straight forward from main entrance as well. And you know what, again? I forgot the Slurl 😀 Find it yourself! Hit up search, how easy! 🙂 😛

There’s some cool free guitar by the piercings as well…

Good night!

“‘Why did you put me on the list?!‘ the reply I got was:  Well, you was in my store. I thought you’d like to get the updates’!!”

I bet all of you have been running into these “Subscribe-O-Matic” things on Second Life. They’re used by creators to send out notices to their buyers. They doesn’t even take up a group-slot, which is great!

Now to another thing.. My friend has just been blurting, once again how these “Subscribe-O-Matics” are soo annoying .Ehm, well, and… I am ready to agree!

If I don’t subscribe myself, or without knowledge, it’s pure crap. They just spam and one gets pissed off. Also, I have been added to databases myself without even buying anything from the creator. Instead they added me when I was near them or I don’t know how!
I once asked to be removed and I asked “why did you put me on the list?!” the reply I got was “Well, you was in my store. I thought you’d like to get the updates”!! (Obviously I didn’t want to! I didn’t even take the freebies… I was just checking out an outfit my friend told me about. I didn’t even buy anything, grrr.)

(Be sure I will NOT visit your damn store again! Never ever since you didn’t have any place to unsubscribe on.)

The problem is not when you, by free will, choose to subscribe to them and get updates from your fav. creator. They’re a PROBLEM when you get AUTOMATICALLY subscribed to them by buying something from a certain creator or when just accepting a gift. However you can usually contact the creator and ask them to remove you from the database but this shouldn’t be needed.

Please, ASK ME!! Let me decide myself!! Once again, please. 😦


the slURL: Kokyoto Mall

Yes, indeed! There are three (3 😉 ) lucky chairs with different packs of textures and sculpties at Kokyoto Textures.

These are ALL full perm! They change letter every 10th minute and are really worth checking out.

The rest of the store contains of full perm textures & sculpties as well. All are very well-priced in the meaning of being.. cheap! Real quality textures & sculpts for a little price. :-O

(FREEBIES: maybe I should also add that at the middle of the store behind a wall, there’re a lot of free textures..)

Actually, on the same SIM there are an education area. There their institute holds FREE building classes! They hold pretty much anything – just ask them! 🙂
They’re very customer friendly.

Take care !

Altya skin~*~

January 23, 2010

If you would like to get the dark skin it’s located here(regions down for a short while today) –> The skin’s here; to the very left when you arrive

It costs 45L but I’m thinking of making it free later on. I’ m after all not out looking for a lot of Lindens but improvement by time 🙂 This is just my second dark skin and I must admit it’s difficult to get the skin tones right.

The hair is from Zaara and it’s just.. lovely. I’ll show it in another post soon and I think you’ll be wanting it (at least for your  female avatars ;-))

Right now I’m more into sculpted prims than “making” skins.. Probably because I’m easily bored of everything. Still I haven’t much time for SL, it’s a bit up and down with the interest as well, I think. Still logging on to chat a bit with friends and stuff but that’s pretty much it.


50% off on Amacci hair

January 20, 2010

Amacci seems to put out a new “hair of the week”, hehe, every week! And it’ll be 50% off on the 5-7 color packs and the fatpack with 45 colors as well.

Luckily I just went to the store yesterday and saw it, before this week is ended, I mean. The black hair suited my avatar nicely and well, saving Lindens is never bad, never bad! 😉 Especially I do like the “flow” of the hair, it moves smoothly and nice.
Oh, and I also saw that there are new hairs in the lucky chairs..Now I just need some time to get those hairs as well;-)

Anyway, here’s the hair I bought on 50% sale yesterday. I should photo my own crazy outfit with this hair 🙂
SLURL: Amacci

50% off at Amacci

W.I.S.H. is closing down in Second Life which is very sad.. Especially to me since the W.I.S.H. stuff were my first favourite things.
The store is now having a huge sale with 90% off in the complete store and the majority of the prices are between 10L-30L.

Here’s the Slurl anyway:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Excelsior/238/198/21/

There’s also a Genie Lamp (rub it and it will choose an owner which will get a prize) and two lucky chairs and a memory board game.

Hunt & skin!

January 7, 2010

Wooooooho, alright! After 10 minutes I finally found the last gift… (I know it took you longer! ;-))
I also uploaded this skin to SL right after escaping from the crowded hunt SIM.

(tiny stars on the back)

Ok, never again, never again… But thank to Sezmra’s .PDS’ I made this skin even though the result wasn’t great but that’s not to blame Sezmra for! The .PDS files are great 🙂 Check her website for free skin .PDS’
I’m actually out on a grid hunt right now so.. But I won’t give any hints as others do since the owner wants us to tip 10L to get a notecard with a lot of hints! It’s the Roman SIM hunt, which I thought you’ve heard of by now.
I’ve just got one gift left, and already in the morning when I started it was a bit laggy.. Just more people came teleporting in 🙂