Time Flies

March 6, 2010

(and yes, strangely bad quality after uploading, hm)

Sometimes, no, always, time flies too quickly. It certainly feels as if 2008 was just yesterday. Still, only two years ago, but a lot and nothing has been experienced during these two years.

The interesting with SL has been the quick changes in everything. From seriously ugly skins that were considered good to high quality freebies. I could never have guessed when I first entered SL. I seriously felt OK and even handsome (if a girl can be it) in my newbie pack…  Though that’s not all, that’s not the most important.
The important has been the friends we’ve made and the friends we’ve left.
I wonder how long they will stay, or, how long I will stay.



February 13, 2010

AVmatch.com is a dating and socializing service for avatars all over the world.
It works like any usual internet dating and socializing websites. They have over 8500 members from over 50 different countries. So if you want to find someone speaking your own language it’s just to search for one!
I wish SL would have a similiar service in-world also. Like “search people” and one could choose if one wanna fill in RL info and be in that search or not.

You easily create an account, get a link to verify from and then you need to visit them in-world to verify your SL avatar. It’s really easy to sign up and after that it’s just to explore the website.
I like the website but what I don’t like is that one needs to pay a tiny amount of like 30 cents for some “tokens” or something, which makes it possible for you to contact other members. Still, this is something like 1st Life dating services often use, hence many scammers and unserious persons only wants “free”.

I think the website is funny though! The first time I saw an ad about it I thought “bloody hell! Do we need THAT also?! Isn’t Second Life enough, now we need our avatars to go dating on online websites!” Then I realize that it’s the same as we do in SL, and if you find someone on, for instance, AVmatch.com – well, the couple might as well develope their relation into 1st Life if they so please.

We’ll see if this will give me any new SL friends! It’d be fun. 🙂