Yes, very true. It’s not morning anymore, it’s evening, maybe even night depending on whom we’re asking. (Well, it’s morning Somewhere!)
I have some photographs to show off, nothing special really and I lack a proper background so I just made one. Sigh, someone give me backgrounds 😉
AND an ACCIDENT happened! So, yes, only the first 2 photos are kinda completed.. (I hate fucking shit accidents, fuck!)

(Kyoko Couture
white dress, underwear, head ribbon, nails)


FFS. Free Fine Stuff.

March 7, 2010

Stupid title. I hate titles.

I realized I  still got these photos and thought I’d post them here. Oh, not that they’re THAT old, rather one and a half day 😀
All clothing AND poses are from Cherry Girl (the shoes are the Shelly Pumps from Gransy Fashion. About 100-150 L).
The poses are only 1L each!
I like CGirl’s underwear a lot and some of the outfits.. I don’t like the hair textures (at least not at the lucky board hair shown on last picture).
I also don’t like that the skirt (black) only has resize-script and is NO Modify.. Makes it impossible for my avatar to wear it. 😦 You’d also be prepared to adjust the color on prim skirts as they not always fit the shirt color at all…
BUT, all shown here are free at Cherry Girl’s lucky boards/chairs and it’s just great anyway! 🙂

Oh, and the skin is the LeLutka group gift from a couple of days ago.

“‘Why did you put me on the list?!‘ the reply I got was:  Well, you was in my store. I thought you’d like to get the updates’!!”

I bet all of you have been running into these “Subscribe-O-Matic” things on Second Life. They’re used by creators to send out notices to their buyers. They doesn’t even take up a group-slot, which is great!

Now to another thing.. My friend has just been blurting, once again how these “Subscribe-O-Matics” are soo annoying .Ehm, well, and… I am ready to agree!

If I don’t subscribe myself, or without knowledge, it’s pure crap. They just spam and one gets pissed off. Also, I have been added to databases myself without even buying anything from the creator. Instead they added me when I was near them or I don’t know how!
I once asked to be removed and I asked “why did you put me on the list?!” the reply I got was “Well, you was in my store. I thought you’d like to get the updates”!! (Obviously I didn’t want to! I didn’t even take the freebies… I was just checking out an outfit my friend told me about. I didn’t even buy anything, grrr.)

(Be sure I will NOT visit your damn store again! Never ever since you didn’t have any place to unsubscribe on.)

The problem is not when you, by free will, choose to subscribe to them and get updates from your fav. creator. They’re a PROBLEM when you get AUTOMATICALLY subscribed to them by buying something from a certain creator or when just accepting a gift. However you can usually contact the creator and ask them to remove you from the database but this shouldn’t be needed.

Please, ASK ME!! Let me decide myself!! Once again, please. 😦


the slURL: Kokyoto Mall

Yes, indeed! There are three (3 😉 ) lucky chairs with different packs of textures and sculpties at Kokyoto Textures.

These are ALL full perm! They change letter every 10th minute and are really worth checking out.

The rest of the store contains of full perm textures & sculpties as well. All are very well-priced in the meaning of being.. cheap! Real quality textures & sculpts for a little price. :-O

(FREEBIES: maybe I should also add that at the middle of the store behind a wall, there’re a lot of free textures..)

Actually, on the same SIM there are an education area. There their institute holds FREE building classes! They hold pretty much anything – just ask them! 🙂
They’re very customer friendly.

Take care !

Altya skin~*~

January 23, 2010

If you would like to get the dark skin it’s located here(regions down for a short while today) –> The skin’s here; to the very left when you arrive

It costs 45L but I’m thinking of making it free later on. I’ m after all not out looking for a lot of Lindens but improvement by time 🙂 This is just my second dark skin and I must admit it’s difficult to get the skin tones right.

The hair is from Zaara and it’s just.. lovely. I’ll show it in another post soon and I think you’ll be wanting it (at least for your  female avatars ;-))

Right now I’m more into sculpted prims than “making” skins.. Probably because I’m easily bored of everything. Still I haven’t much time for SL, it’s a bit up and down with the interest as well, I think. Still logging on to chat a bit with friends and stuff but that’s pretty much it.


W.I.S.H. is closing down in Second Life which is very sad.. Especially to me since the W.I.S.H. stuff were my first favourite things.
The store is now having a huge sale with 90% off in the complete store and the majority of the prices are between 10L-30L.

Here’s the Slurl anyway:

There’s also a Genie Lamp (rub it and it will choose an owner which will get a prize) and two lucky chairs and a memory board game.