Start a trend against too long legs and wiggling asses

March 5, 2010

A quickie.. (I tped in to ANEXX and saw 3 ladies in 2 min)

I really don’t mind long legged avatars. I really don’t mind those whom wiggle their asses once in a while.
I do mind those giraffe legs. I do mind avatars whom wiggle their asses all the time. (You know those AO’s, right? I think like every female avatar owns one)

It’s not that I only find it to be embarrassing and rather ugly, but that I’m BORED OF SEEING EVERY GIRAFFE LEGGED ONE WIGGLE THEIR ASS!

Oh my… That’s not like me.. Shouting like that for such a silly thing.. Perhaps it’s only me who’s bored? Don’t you think we can try start a trend anyway? Aww.. *complains* I tend to want too much.


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