Subscribe-o-matic – HOT or NOT?

February 8, 2010

“‘Why did you put me on the list?!‘ the reply I got was:  Well, you was in my store. I thought you’d like to get the updates’!!”

I bet all of you have been running into these “Subscribe-O-Matic” things on Second Life. They’re used by creators to send out notices to their buyers. They doesn’t even take up a group-slot, which is great!

Now to another thing.. My friend has just been blurting, once again how these “Subscribe-O-Matics” are soo annoying .Ehm, well, and… I am ready to agree!

If I don’t subscribe myself, or without knowledge, it’s pure crap. They just spam and one gets pissed off. Also, I have been added to databases myself without even buying anything from the creator. Instead they added me when I was near them or I don’t know how!
I once asked to be removed and I asked “why did you put me on the list?!” the reply I got was “Well, you was in my store. I thought you’d like to get the updates”!! (Obviously I didn’t want to! I didn’t even take the freebies… I was just checking out an outfit my friend told me about. I didn’t even buy anything, grrr.)

(Be sure I will NOT visit your damn store again! Never ever since you didn’t have any place to unsubscribe on.)

The problem is not when you, by free will, choose to subscribe to them and get updates from your fav. creator. They’re a PROBLEM when you get AUTOMATICALLY subscribed to them by buying something from a certain creator or when just accepting a gift. However you can usually contact the creator and ask them to remove you from the database but this shouldn’t be needed.

Please, ASK ME!! Let me decide myself!! Once again, please. 😦



2 Responses to “Subscribe-o-matic – HOT or NOT?”

  1. Hey Becharm,

    You have some pretty good points in that post, and I agree completely. I would like to post some clarifications though.

    I’m the creator of Subscribe-O-Matic which is being used by thousands of content creators and shop owners to send messages to their customers. I really hate spamming, and I believe many creators and shop owners should be much more responsible towards the customers that trust them and subscribe to their updates. Even though we don’t limit the amount of messages they can currently send, I make sure they know when they are sending more than they should (for example, we automatically show them if they send more than an average amount of messages, which averages around 1 per week at the moment).

    I’m currently working hard on adding various ways for members to mark and report spam which will help in correctly flagging certain Subscribe-O-Matic owners as spammers. We’ll then be able to use that to limit their messages and properly warn members before they subscribe.

    There is one important thing I would like to note though, since there’s some confusion about that: Subscribe-O-Matic is a strictly opt-in service. This means that there is no way for you to be added to anyone’s Subscribe-O-Matic group without you explicitely subscribing yourself. There is simply no way for owners to add you manually without your consent and there will never be.

    But, the Subscribe-O-Matic name is being used to generally describe other similar services and products, most of which are not opt-in only. You can imagine this causes quite a few issues for us since other services or products can negatively affect the Subscribe-O-Matic’s reputation.

    Subscribe-O-Matic is a registered trademark for our service available through Every Subscribe-O-Matic kiosk should have a “powered by Subscribe-O-Matic” displayed on a visible spot and should also give you a clear text confirmation when you touch it stating that you have joined a Subscribe-O-Matic. If this isn’t the case, you are most likely subscribing to another service or product.

    I have a very strong stance against spam and I welcome all suggestions and ideas that might help fight spam when using Subscribe-O-Matic, so feel free to drop me a line anytime at mso [dot] lambert [at]

    • becharm said

      Yes, indeed to protect your product. The others which you don’t have to click/subscribe to yourself are usually just called subscribe kiosks or whatever their creator wanted. Sorry for that.

      I still do know exact Subscribe-o-matics though, which send many messages, like a new item, join our dance starting now then shortly after they say the same. Still I don’t believe there should be any limits of how many messages can be sent per week. This hasn’t to do with your product at all, for it has a good purpose, but it’s about the owners.
      Most of us will go nuts at those owners and it doesn’t matter if the messages (sometimes spam) are sent thru your product, the ordinary group notices, IM or group chat. The only disadvantage of the subscribe things are that you need to visit the kiosk to unsubscribe yourself and not just click a button on the screen (like with group notices etc.)

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