Lucky chairs with Fullperm textures & sculpties!

February 3, 2010

the slURL: Kokyoto Mall

Yes, indeed! There are three (3 πŸ˜‰ ) lucky chairs with different packs of textures and sculpties at Kokyoto Textures.

These are ALL full perm! They change letter every 10th minute and are really worth checking out.

The rest of the store contains of full perm textures & sculpties as well. All are very well-priced in the meaning of being.. cheap! Real quality textures & sculpts for a little price. :-O

(FREEBIES: maybe I should also add that at the middle of the store behind a wall, there’re a lot of free textures..)

Actually, on the same SIM there are an education area. There their institute holds FREE building classes! They hold pretty much anything – just ask them! πŸ™‚
They’re very customer friendly.

Take care !


2 Responses to “Lucky chairs with Fullperm textures & sculpties!”

  1. kokyototextures said

    This is very kind of you to mention my humble store I hope we please everyone. ^^

    Ookini arigato

    Kyoto Ying
    Owner of Kokyoto Textures

    • becharm said

      Ah, K, it’s not such a humble one ;}
      And secondly, this is just my SL blog which I don’t update much and not with much interesting stuff anyway, sigh. Though, I can say that “your” post here has got lots of hits, lol. Everyone wants to find lucky chairs, full perm textures and such.

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