Yes, very true. It’s not morning anymore, it’s evening, maybe even night depending on whom we’re asking. (Well, it’s morning Somewhere!)
I have some photographs to show off, nothing special really and I lack a proper background so I just made one. Sigh, someone give me backgrounds 😉
AND an ACCIDENT happened! So, yes, only the first 2 photos are kinda completed.. (I hate fucking shit accidents, fuck!)

(Kyoko Couture
white dress, underwear, head ribbon, nails)


April 13, 2010

Old news indeed, folks, old news. No new releases nothing, and I also removed a heck of posts here. I have a project which is up and running though..
Here’s some old photos. On most photos I either wear Vive9 or Laqroki skins. I also wear a free hunt dress from Zaara, Vive9 hair and some photo from when I tried out the new Library hair! Which Truth has made :)Amacci Insight Eyes and Amacci hair.
As you see – no variation done. These photos were just taken to help me understand what’s in my inventory boxes LOL 😀

But those are old news!

Boredom & Forums

March 21, 2010

Usually forums tend to cure my boredom. I went to the Second Life forum (well, eh) and.. How cocky and rude people are! Instead of answering questions they find a tiny error in someone’s post and start a fuss about it. They act cocky, as if all they write’s the law and as if they own the forum.
They’re simply making fun of others. If you think that someone didn’t post a serious thread – then why write in it at all? Most likely the person was serious, so why do you have to come around and be such a diva?
Usually these divas has been around on the forum for quite some time and has posted lots and lots of posts.. Which makes me more puzzled why they act like they do. Typical SL-safe-behind-the-screen-behaviour, still it’s sad.

{- The furnitures are either 1L-5L, from Munspain which has got a freebie/dollarbie section in the main building. Also it seems as if the Christmas sale is still going on… 😀
– The glasses are free from Serakorea. The glasses are tintable so you can tint them to almost any color you want unless it’s too dark, then you’ll lose the pattern.
– The apartment is a freebie from Prefab and you can find it on Xstreetsl.}

Good night!

March 19, 2010

I just wish you all a good night :}
Nothing more, nothing less.

(We took a hand and buried it deep in the sand. Around 4 am we decided to dig it up. It didn’t quite look the same. It looked like a hand with sand on. So we buried it again)


March 19, 2010

This I could at least wish for. Once in a while. To be disconnected. No
SL addiction, more of a disconnection from 1st Life.

Ooh.. It’s Friday! Nevermind disconnection from 1st life, I hope a weekend can do the same trick 🙂

Silence over the Moors

March 15, 2010

Little has been done lately. More has been circulating inside my head.
Actually visited some kind of moor in SL and just walked, rezzed a few things as it was allowed and just sat down and basically did nothing at all. It was all empty.

Although I didn’t give the Manchester moors a thought back then I do now when I wrote this title. It made me think of the Manchester Moors murders. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley kidnapped and murdered children and buried them on the Saddleworth Moor between 1963-1965. A nasty “story”. ;/
“Thanks” to Morrissey and The Smiths, whom made and recorded the song “Suffer Little Children”, I know about this case.. Perhaps it’s not suitable to mention any more about this now anyway since it upsets me in a weird way and also ‘cuz it’s something which keeps me interested in the whole thing.

FFS. Free Fine Stuff.

March 7, 2010

Stupid title. I hate titles.

I realized I  still got these photos and thought I’d post them here. Oh, not that they’re THAT old, rather one and a half day 😀
All clothing AND poses are from Cherry Girl (the shoes are the Shelly Pumps from Gransy Fashion. About 100-150 L).
The poses are only 1L each!
I like CGirl’s underwear a lot and some of the outfits.. I don’t like the hair textures (at least not at the lucky board hair shown on last picture).
I also don’t like that the skirt (black) only has resize-script and is NO Modify.. Makes it impossible for my avatar to wear it. 😦 You’d also be prepared to adjust the color on prim skirts as they not always fit the shirt color at all…
BUT, all shown here are free at Cherry Girl’s lucky boards/chairs and it’s just great anyway! 🙂

Oh, and the skin is the LeLutka group gift from a couple of days ago.

Time Flies

March 6, 2010

(and yes, strangely bad quality after uploading, hm)

Sometimes, no, always, time flies too quickly. It certainly feels as if 2008 was just yesterday. Still, only two years ago, but a lot and nothing has been experienced during these two years.

The interesting with SL has been the quick changes in everything. From seriously ugly skins that were considered good to high quality freebies. I could never have guessed when I first entered SL. I seriously felt OK and even handsome (if a girl can be it) in my newbie pack…  Though that’s not all, that’s not the most important.
The important has been the friends we’ve made and the friends we’ve left.
I wonder how long they will stay, or, how long I will stay.

I actually must admit I like this bag from H&M. (Yes, it’s the same bag just that the brown/black differ a bit in style.)
I like the brown the very best but the black isn’t that bad either. If I could make sculpts and bags in general in SL, I would have done it but since I’m not that skilled…… Pretty please? *winks*

Couldn’t someone make me that bag in SL? I would soo love to wear it. It reminded me of the ANEXX sneakers that were posted here on Juicybomb today or yesterday. Very lovely…

A quickie.. (I tped in to ANEXX and saw 3 ladies in 2 min)

I really don’t mind long legged avatars. I really don’t mind those whom wiggle their asses once in a while.
I do mind those giraffe legs. I do mind avatars whom wiggle their asses all the time. (You know those AO’s, right? I think like every female avatar owns one)

It’s not that I only find it to be embarrassing and rather ugly, but that I’m BORED OF SEEING EVERY GIRAFFE LEGGED ONE WIGGLE THEIR ASS!

Oh my… That’s not like me.. Shouting like that for such a silly thing.. Perhaps it’s only me who’s bored? Don’t you think we can try start a trend anyway? Aww.. *complains* I tend to want too much.